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Rental Information and Terms

Completion of our Enquiry and Booking Form implies acceptance of the following information and terms.



You will appreciate that the church has to be available for weekly Sunday services (9.30am, 11am and 6pm). Funerals inevitably occur at short notice, but we will do all in our power to reduce any inconvenience this might cause. There is therefore no access for outside hirers at these times but the church can be made available for rehearsals between services on Sunday afternoons and after the Sunday Evening Service (Sunday evening concerts cannot begin before 7:45pm).


It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure:

  • There are designated people who can act in an emergency
  • Where telephones are located (For 999 calls the Church’s actual address is : 5 Lothian Road (access for emergency vehicles is via King’s Stables Road).
  • Someone should meet them by the gate.
  • That the wheelchair is located in the ground floor lobby beside the lift.
  • The First Aid Box is located and examined, any extra facilities being provided by the hirer.


Organisations hiring the premises are primarily responsible for their own arrangements for advertising. The church may help by displaying A3 posters on the external noticeboards, an A4 poster on the internal noticeboard, and some flyers. We may also promote your event on Facebook and Twitter. Please consult the Church Administrator about this. Displays, signs etc may be able to be erected on the day of the event, subject to the approval of the Church Officer as to their position and method of fixing.


In accordance with the Church of Scotland regulations, the sale of alcohol is NOT permitted under any circumstances (this includes anything that could be construed as exchanging money for alcohol e.g., asking for donations.) For wedding receptions etc. outside caterers may be used and the serving of alcohol permitted. A licence has to be obtained by the Hirer if alcoholic refreshment is to be provided.


Please complete all sections of the enquiry and booking form, to be reviewed by the Church Administrator. Full details of the programme are required. We will then make all necessary checks before confirming the booking and a non-refundable deposit may be required. We will email an invoice for the balance during the month in which the booking occurs, which must be paid within 28 days.


St Cuthbert’s currently holds a PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT LICENCE from the City of Edinburgh Council Licensing Department to cover the type of performances which normally take place in the church.


The church must be left in the condition in which it was found. Immediately after the final performance, all electrical equipment must be removed and all furniture and fittings are to be restored to their rightful places. All rubbish, materials and other properties must be removed from the premises by the hirer. After a Saturday evening performance, the church must be fully restored ready for Sunday services. If necessary, we will arrange for the church cleaner to clean up between 8am and 9am on the Sunday morning and an additional charge will be made for this.


The cost of any repairs to the church fabric, installations, furnishings and precincts arising from damage attributable to an outside hirer will be charged in full to that organisation. St Cuthbert’s does not take responsibility for money, valuables or equipment brought into the building by hirers or audiences. When the kitchen facilities are used they must be left in the same condition as found. Any breakages or damage will be charged to the Hirer.


Any additional electrical appliance may only be used with express permission from the Church Officer. For any electrical equipment brought on to the premises the hirer must provide evidence of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in compliance with IIE Regulations. See also “Lighting”. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that equipment etc. is handled safely, including mechanical lifting equipment for excessively heavy items. Where computerised monitors are in use, hirers are responsible for compliance with DSE Regulations.


For your event, all exit doors will have been unlocked by the duty Church Officer who will have checked the emergency lighting system. All approaches, doors and passages within the church must be kept entirely free from obstruction. It is your responsibility to inform your ushers and stewards about the escape routes and what to do in the event of fire. A Church Officer will be in attendance during your event and should be consulted prior to the performance if you are uncertain about any aspect of the fire arrangements Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building at any time.


Groups hiring any part of the premises may also wish to book the use of the kitchen facilities. To comply with Environment and Consumer Services Regulations, when preparing and cooking food. written confirmation is required to prove that hirers of accommodation appoint a named person who will be responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the Food Safety Act 1999 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are met. Please ensure that the relevant form for this is completed.


Visiting companies must make their own front of house arrangements including nominating a responsible person. St Cuthbert’s are not responsible for the sale of any tickets for any outside organisation.


The furnishings and fittings must at no time be interfered with. Nothing is to be attached to chairs, pews, the gallery, walls, or pillars, without prior discussion agreement and permission from the Church Administrator or the duty Church Officer.


The lift may be used by outside hirers e.g. for the elderly or disabled to reach the upper floors, or for the serving of tea, coffee etc on the ground or second floors provided a Church Officer is in the building to supervise its use.


When special theatrical lighting has to be used this must be supplied by the hirer. When a major increase in electrical power is required which uses a different voltage, there is a separate circuit for this which has its own meter. When this circuit is activated the meter has to be read before and after use and a separate account raised. Users may wish to be present when the Church Officer reads the special meter. All necessary electric cables must be adequately protected and must be of sufficient capacity and in serviceable condition as must any subsidiary switchboards. All special lighting must be by standard flood or spot lamps mounted on removable bases or on gantries in the gallery, which must be properly padded.


No dangerous liquids, noxious substances or inflammable materials of any sort may be brought into the premises.


The organ and pianos may be used subject to our obtaining prior approval from the Director of Music for a named person. Users are responsible for the cost of any tuning additional to the church’s requirements.


Users of the church for musical performances must contact the Performing Rights Society, 3 Rothesay Place, Edinburgh EH3 7SL www.prsformusic.com or Tel. 0845 300 6033) informing them about the event, as a PRS License is required by law for public performances of music etc. PRS will then get in touch with you and send you a licence. Those performing plays etc should make their own arrangements with the holders of performing rights for payment of dues if appropriate.


Permanent and regular bookings, in particular for afternoon sessions, are welcomed provided they do not clash with the use of the premises by St Cuthbert’s own organisations.


There is a sound system, which includes a loop system within the main church only. There are several radio microphones and a hand held microphone. You can request to use these for concerts or other large events, at no charge. However, you will be responsible for any damage to them. They are fragile and cost about £1,000 each!


Hirers of the church should ensure that they have the necessary Public liability Insurance to cover the event for which the church is hired.


As well as the usual PRS royalty fee for a concert, a group wishing to record, or whoever is producing a recording on their behalf, requires a licence from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (020 8378 7500). Please discuss the details with the Society.


There is NO parking for vehicles for visiting groups in the Churchyard other than for “Blue Badge” holders. There is metered parking on King’s Stables Road and Castle Terrace and a multi-storey car park between King’s Stables Road and Castle Terrace. Deliveries of equipment can be made through the Churchyard from King’s Stables Road.


In these conditions: –
‘we’ means St Cuthbert’s Parish Church, Edinburgh and its Minister, Office Bearers or Kirk Session as representing the same. ‘you’ means the person or organisation specified in any written permission issued by or on behalf of the church in terms of the application overleaf. ‘the premises’ means St Cuthbert’s Church, Lothian Road, Edinburgh and its whole related premises there.

  1. Meetings, concerts or other events and any rehearsals or preparations for them may only be held in the part of the premises and on the date and between the times specified in any written permission given in relation to your application.
  2. The permission granted to you is not assignable and you may not grant any sublease or sub-licence to any other body or person.
  3. You will be liable to reimburse the church for the cost of making good any damage to the premises or any equipment, furniture or fittings within the premises arising, whether directly or indirectly, out of or concerned with your use and/or occupation of the premises.
  4. We accept no liability to you, your employees or other person invited onto the premises by you for loss, theft, injury or damage to person or property sustained during or arising out of or in any way connected with your use of the premises. You agree to relieve and indemnify us against any such claim in respect of any of the foregoing matters by a third party.
  5. Access to the premises will only be given during the hours shown on the written permission and you must be clear of the premises by the finishing time there stated leaving them in a clean and tidy condition with all equipment (tables, chairs etc) restored to its normal condition or as directed by the Church Officer.
  6. You will be wholly responsible for satisfying any conditions imposed by statute regulation, by-law or otherwise in respect of any performance or other event which you propose to hold on the premises and for obtaining any requisite licence, performing right, copyright or other permission therefor.
  7. We may require not later than thirty days in advance of performances to be satisfied of the suitability of any play, programme or performance to be given in the premises.
  8. Use of the kitchen means use for the preparation of tea, coffee and soft drinks and for the serving of biscuits, cake and the like. If you wish to serve cooked or prepared food (including sandwiches) you must notify the Church Manager in advance before approval can be given.
  9. If you propose to use outside caterers, you should notify the Church Manager on the form provided. You should ensure that the caterers remove from the premises any waste food, paper plates, cups, packaging etc.
  10. To comply with Health & Safety Regulations, you should sign the relevant page in the Kitchen Cleaning & Usage Book, stating you have left the kitchen clean and tidy at the end of your let. If the kitchen is not left sufficiently cleaned, a minimum of 2 hours additional Church Officer cover will be will be levied to cover necessary cleaning time.
  11. The pianos must not be tuned without permission and you must meet the cost of any tuning for which such permission is given.
  12. Permission for use of the organ, which must be sought in advance from the Church Manager, will be for playing by a named musician only.
  13. Payment of the charge for use of the premise (less any deposit) should be made not later than thirty days from the date of invoice, or the first such date where there is more than one.
  14. If it is necessary for St Cuthbert’s to provide additional equipment or services either to meet your requirements or to ensure the health and safety of members of the public, the cost of any such provision will be chargeable directly to you.
  15. In accordance with the Code of Practice of the Church of Scotland on the protection of children and young people, you are required to confirm that you are familiar with the Church of Scotland publication “Protecting Children” endorsed by the Scottish Executive, that you have an understanding of it and undertake to follow the code of practice contained therein to work with children and young people under the age of 16 years.
  16. The sale of alcoholic drinks on any part of the premises is strictly forbidden. Smoking is not permitted inside the church premises. Food and drink must not be taken into the Sanctuary.
  17. The instructions of the Church Manager, Church Officer or other duly authorised representative of the church must be complied with at all times.
  18. Posters or other forms of advertisement may not be affixed to any part of the premises, but may be displayed on the notice boards with our permission.
  19. If you are performing to an audience, you should provide at least two Front of House stewards and nominate a suitable person to be responsible for them.
  20. Revised Fire Regulations necessitate the following conditions:
    a. If using the Church you should have four nominated stewards to operate the downstairs fire doors. If the gallery is being used a further two nominated stewards must be stationed there. These stewards must occupy reserved seats at the six exits from the Church. They will be given instructions by the Church Officer.
    b. You should make an announcement before the start of your event indicating the location of the fire doors and the assembly point at the foot of the steps from Lothian Road
    c. All electrical equipment which you may bring on to the premises must have been portable appliance tested (p.a.t.).
    d. No candles are to be used without prior permission to be sought from the Church Manager or Church Officer.
  21. You shall be responsible for providing adequate insurance cover for yourselves, those associated with you and your equipment and any other property you bring into the premises in connection with your use of them and, if required, shall exhibit the relevant policies and premium receipts to us. Without prejudice thereto and to the other provisions of this Agreement:-
    (1) You shall be responsible for providing adequate public liability insurance cover in respect of your use of the premises; and (2) We shall be entitled, at our option, to require endorsement of the relevant insurance policies in our name or, alternatively, to insure separately against any possible claims and liabilities arising from your use of the premises and to recover the relevant premiums or increases in premium, as the case may be, from you;
  22. We reserve the right to revoke the permission and terminate forthwith your use of the premises in the event of a material breach of any of these conditions.
  23. By your signature on the ‘Application for Permission to use Premises’ form you are deemed to have accepted all the conditions of let set out above on behalf of your organisation.
  24. From 1 April 2015, St Cuthbert’s will no longer provide volunteer stewards for events held in any part of St Cuthbert’s church building.
    (a.) Anyone holding an event anywhere in St Cuthbert’s building must provide their own event stewards. The number of event stewards must be appropriate for the size of the expected audience, and the location(s) in which the event is being held.
    (b.) All event stewards are to report to the duty Church Officer 30 minutes before the doors will be opened, to receive a short Health and Safety briefing. The doors will not be opened to allow the audience into the building, until event stewards have received the Health and Safety briefing.
    (c.) Any group or organisation unable to comply with this requirement of providing stewards, should contact the Church as soon as possible. In this case (and in order to comply with statutory requirements) the Church may need to provide a second duty Church Officer for the duration of the event, with the added cost being charged to the user group at the standard Church
    Officer rate. Please note this is an amendment to the requirements as stated in sections 19, 20a (above) August 2016