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Open Season


St Cuthbert’s opens its doors to visitors between April and September, welcoming upwards of 14,000 pilgrims and sightseers. Visitors come from all over the world, some to see this church on the most ancient religious site in Edinburgh, or the famous window by Tiffany of New York, or where Agatha Christie was married for the second time; others to spend a quiet time in prayer or reflection in the midst of the bustle of Edinburgh’s West End. Whatever the reason for our visitors to cross our threshold, they are all  accorded a very warm welcome.

We also have a  small shop in the Lammermuir Hall, where visitors can buy inexpensive mementoes of their visit.

During open season, the church is often open Tuesday-Friday 11a.m. – 2.30p.m. As we occasionally have to close our doors to visitors, in order to accommodate other events, it is recommended that you contact the church office before visiting, to check opening times.